Our Performing Arts Instruction is the best in the Metroplex

At Kids Count Too we are proud of our student's stage accomplishments. Teaching children stage work at a young age helps develop personalities, and brings out even the most shy students. Enroll your child today and watch them grow and develop their performing arts abilities!

Photo from our Holiday Show

Every year we celebrate the winter holiday season with a community program.

Photo from our Holiday Show


Photo from our Holiday Show


Please stop in anytime!

Also, please keep in mind that your child's behavior may be slightly different when a parent (or gurdian) and a teacher are together in one room. We beleive that it has something to do with the childs conflict of authority. Therefore, we will ask that the children follow the classroom rules at all times (including the times that parents and teachers are together).

We encourage any comments, questions or concerns...

regarding Kids Count Too policies and procedures. As a Kids Count Too parent, please approach our staff and/or director at any time.

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